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Welcome to MOHA Geo


MOHA Geo is a Geo info web service which provides you with Geo-IP data as json objects. You could use the web service in your own site or even your own product or service. All this comes for free.

Currently the web service is in public beta. We need your help to iron out any issues in the web service. Please feel free to file a ticket for any issue that you stumble upon while using the web service.

See Geo Info API for how you could use the web service.

For frequently asked questions go to FAQ.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see Title Index.

See it in action

You want to see the whole excitement in action, got that covered as well.

How to contribute

Report issues

If you report any issues that you come across that would make the service better. You would also feel better for doing the right thing by reporting the issues.

Help this service to grow out of public beta stage.

Link back

If you are using the web service, it would nice of you to provide a link to MOHA Geo site. That would improve the site rank and hence more people would see and use the services. That way even if you can't donate you might send someone who might donate.

It is not compulsory to link back, but just a request. See Link Back for ideas how you could link back.

Donations are always welcome. Your donations keep the web service running. Donors will be listed in Donors page. It costs more than $30 per month to run this web service. When the number of requests increases the costs also increase.

Please consider making a donation, even a dollar counts.

Amount: USD Amount: USD

Geo IP data

Geo IP data is from Specifically GeoLite Country and GeoLite City data was used. I would like to thank MaxMind for providing Geo IP data for free.

This service includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

The Geo IP database was last update on 1st January, 2009.

Security certificate

MOHA Geo web service can be used over https, however the certificate is not supported by all browsers. The certification authority is CAcert, if you import their CA certificate you will stop receiving an ugly prompt. Click here to import CAcert CA certificate to your browser.

Alternatively you could replace with in all API urls.

e.g. =>